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comparison example of Standard Definition and High definition CCTV image

The above image shows you the level of improvement you could get by moving to our existing range of HD CCTV.

If your existing CCTV Pictures look like the image on the left, then you need to upgrade to HD-CCTV from Crazy Pages. If you think your images look OK in a quad or multi-screen, then try full size - full screen, how do they look then ?

The image on the right is a representation of the increase in quality you can get from upgrading to HD-CCTV, and if you think that's good (we think its GREAT!), then HD will also scale up to full screen on a 24 or 27" HD-HDMI monitor and still be this clear.

From July we are one of the first independent CCTV system installers to offer the New 4K - Ultra-High Definition CCTV !

The pictures are so good, we can't even illustrate it on our website, so for a free on-site demonstration, please get in touch.

Whether traditional Cameras or IP cameras, we can upgrade your CCTV system, or provide an all new system, with static or Pan-tilt-zoom cameras with optional IR lights to see in total darkness.

Of course, all our CCTV systems have full remote viweing facilities.

Our Network Video Recorders or Dvr's

Crazy Pages NEW Hybrid Tvi DVR allows the use of Old style traditional SD (Low res) cameras to be mixed with New HD cameras, for the ultimate in high-def CCTV.

Alternatively, our new HD-IP DVR uses the latest 4 mega-pixel True HD dome cameras to give fantastic results - so clear, 'it's like looking out of the window'!

So NOW there is no need to get rid of all your existing cameras, if you just wish to upgrade, Just upgrade your most important cameras (for facial or number plate recognition) and your DVR

All our new installations can now be 100% HD, even with Pan / tilt / Zoom domes in HD

To find out more

Get in touch now, for a free quotation, and of course, all our systems are network and Internet Connected
so you can view your CCTV from any Internet* connected computer or via the free OS or Android Ape.


* For best results and reliability, we highly recommend switching to Our Business Broadband Package, for easy and quality of connection.
Other suppliers broadband can be made to work, if absolutely necessary, but a Business Class router may also be required.

Get in touch here with the contact form or details as below.

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